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10% Returns Annually!

Don't let your money die in the bankers crypt, send it out to work with us!

· You dictate which deals you are interested in. You only give money for specific deals that you are interested in when the deal you choose needs funding. We do not require you invest any funds prior.

· You dictate the terms of the investment including types of property, location, period of time for payback, interest rate, etc.

· Your money is secured against real estate, a liquidable asset and perhaps the most stable collateral available. You are vested on each note and deed of trust with your personal name or trust or self directed IRA rollover account.

· We do all the diligence and hard work for you to make it easy for you to decide if the investment works for you. We spend time researching, underwriting, and verifying every aspect of the loan file for you. You will receive from us the following at minimum to review an investment opportunity: loan application, preliminary title report and broker appraisal.

· You know your ROI, return on investment, before making your final decision to proceed. It does not change like the stock market or other investments based on factors outside of your control.

· This is a proven type of investing that has been around longer than the stock market.

· We are a Proven company, with a Proven track record of funded deals and happy clients.

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